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Andaman Magic & Art Villas
What we stand for
Innovative hospitality
If YOU are a traveler, an explorer of culture, an art lover, a professional seeking tranquility, a balancer of lifestyles or a creative visionary – If YOU love purity, unique wonders of nature, total privacy and extraordinary personal experiences which place YOU outside of YOUR regular routines and conventions, consider staying at one of our SAMSAM Family & Friends locations. Time is the most precious resource. This is why SAMSAM is dedicated to discovering places that may slow time down a bit in YOUR own experience and memory — MAGIC PLACES! read more
Tranquility inside and outside, beauty, and happiness
Your Passage
How to get to Samsam Yao Noi
SAMSAM is easily accessible from Phuket and the Krabi Airport. We are pleased to arrange airport pick up and boat transfer for you. You can choose between our private SAMSAM longtail or public speed boat. Please contact us directly for these and any other arrangements.
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