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Andaman Magic & Art Villas
Dive into your next adventure in the breathtaking beauty of Yao Noi, an unspoiled island gem in the Andaman Sea’s Phang Nga Bay. Surrounded by limestone islands, stunning beaches, beautiful natural forest hills and quirky local wildlife, you can explore the wondrous natural environment. Outdoor adventures such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving can be complemented with more inwards expeditions searching your own physical and spiritual center through Yoga, Thai Chi, or Kyudo. Spoil yourself with a massage or a private cooking experience from Chef Mina, learn the secrets of authentic Thai cuisine. No matter what you search, Yao Noi offers healing and fortitude for the mind, body and soul. Our SAMSAM Family will try their best to help you find the tranquility and happiness of the Yao Noi spirit.
Our Food
At SAMSAM we are great food lovers and we appreciate the authenticity of our dining experience.Locally grown produce of the highest quality, a profound knowledge of preparation techniques, and a deep emotional commitment to the final result are essential ingredients of our food philosophy.We offer arrangements of lunch or dinner in your own space. We work with experienced chefs who have extensive knowledge of the food, ingredients and flavors of their home cuisines as well as those of Southern Thailand. As much as possible, we source our ingredients locally, from resident fishermen and Organic Farms.
Our Menus offer:
Thai Thai Cuisine
Very authentic southern Thai cuisine including local dishes, herbal drinks and locally sourced ingredients. For real authentic Thai food lovers. Prepared by the one of the best chefs in Thailand.
My Thai Cuisine
Still authentic; select milder and internationally popular Thai dishes prepared for those palates with less desire for the intensity of the herbs and spices in Thai Thai Cuisine. Prepared by top Thai chefs with experience in cooking for foreign guests.
Tranquility inside and out, beauty, and happiness
In our view, Yao Noi is one of the most captivating places on earth, an ideal setting for combining the contemplation of body in physical movement with spiritual meditative practice. Many members of our SAMSAM Family have developed long-time, deep connections with various meditation techniques, we are glad to share our experiences with you and introduce you to Asian methods of inner retrospection.
Our Service
our range of services, leaves nothing to be desired
Within our basic underlying concept of MAGIC PLACES – MAGIC SPACES, we ensure that you are provided with all the necessary services you may desire in our Villas, Suites and Nature Lodges. Additionally, through our modular service concept focusing on total privacy and individual service configurations, you can tailor-make your experience with any service you and at any time you may wish it to be provided.
Long-tail Boat Trip
Pick up by a private car from Phuket or Krabi airport, and then private longtail to Koh Yao Noi by our experienced and friendly local captain Bang Soleih
Go Ferry Service
Pick up by a private car from Phuket or Krabi airport, and then regular longtail or speed boat ferry according to published schedule
Start Me Up Service
A tailormade breakfast, designed by yourself on our “tick-box-order” upon Check-in
Spice Me Service
Lunch and/or dinners delivered directly to your villa. Chosen from our Menus of “MyThai” for the cautious, “ThaiThai” for the experienced, and “CryThai” for the brave connoisseur
Grill 4Me Service
A meal from our seafood grill experts, done in your private Villa Garden upon request
Me Do or Activities Service
Provided by our local experienced Concierge on Duty, who can fulfil any request you may have from hiring a motorbike to booking an sightseeing tour of the bay
Clean Me Up Service
Daily full villa/suite cleaning after you opened your Villa’s Gate
Go Corporate Service
Rent our fully equipped, but still pristinely located meeting room OR book the entire SAMSAM Yao Noi if you wish to host and motivate your colleagues or clients for some days
Do Kyudo Service
Rent our Dojo OR take the entire SAMSAM Yao Noi, with a Kyudo teacher or without
Go Private Service
Rent the entire SamSam Yao Noi to pamper your friends and/or family
Re-Hydration Service
Made-to-order MAXI BAR, loaded upon arrival with alcoholic and soft drinks and reloaded upon your order
Activate Me Service
Nespresso machines including first pack capsules for free
Shower Provencal Service
Our L’Occitane bathroom amenities
Spoil my Skin Service
Provisions of our high-tech premium Hautschild Day and Night Cream or our Anti Wrinkle Serum from JAPAN (the products are based on a patented technology developed by a sister company of SAMSAM )
Sommelier Me Service
Gain knowledge, wine recommendations and service from our Management or any of our Buddhist Thai Wine lovers; our Owners insist that nothing goes in our small wine Collection that they would not drink
Fake News, True News Service
If you truly cannot live without a television, we can provide you with an iPad complete with access to Netflix and TV streaming
Jazz Me Up Service
Listen to the finest sounds of your preferred music on our audiophile B&O equipment in your room
Healing Hands Service
Enjoy a Thai or warm oil massage
Repair Me Service
Get a manicure, pedicure or haircut in the Villa or we’ll come to you in your private garden
Stock Me Up Service
Send the SAMSAM Concierge to go shopping for you
Taste Tropical Service
Subscribe to our daily fresh and ready-to-eat supply of the best tropical fruits on offer at the daily market
Art Inspiration Service
Travel to other worlds by looking at the masterpieces of Asian Contemporary Art from the collection of one of our owners. Displayed all around SAMSAM and in your villa