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Andaman Magic & Art Villas

Home-grown produce and joy

Eco Gardening

In our quest for sustainable and top-quality products as well as the support of local communities we started a full Eco-Garden for SAMSAM Yao Noi producing our own organic rice, vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. You may visit it to see the origins of the lemongrass, chili, eggplant, banana, melon, okra, cilantro and basil that make their way into your food at SAMSAM. You can even run through our rice paddies after the chickens that produce our eggs.

Everything is grown completely organically, as we highly value food free of pesticides and chemicals. Ultimately, the goal is to have a sustainable food supply for all of SAMSAM, both guests and staff alike.

Eco Gardening

We also hope that in the future, the Eco-Garden can provide activities and education for guests with an interest in the cuisine, culture and agriculture of Thailand. They will be able to transplant and harvest rice, fish with our local experts, and collect fresh vegetable for their cooking classes. The Eco-Garden is an extension of the SAMSAM Family values of sustainability, care of the natural environment and dedication to Thai culture and life. It was designed based on the agricultural and sustainability concepts of the King’s farming called “Sufficiency Agriculture”.