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Andaman Magic & Art Villas

Enjoy your private live cooking with mina at your Villa!

As a member of our SAMSAM Family and Friends, Mina provides not only cooking classes from her home, but also offers her services as a private chef. Mina is a long-time Koh Yao Noi local and is one of the best Thai chefs on the island. You have the opportunity to book a very special evening where Mina will come and cook for you in an outdoor kitchen directly at your villa.

You can choose from a wide range of different dishes and menus. Mina has years of experience and can help tailor the menu to your preferences and taste. You want authentic Thai spices and flavors? Mina gets much of her authentic ingredients directly from her garden! You have spice or food sensitivities? Mina has led cooking classes for years for locals and visitors alike and can cater specifically to your needs.

Mina is also a wealth of information about authentic Thai food, and while she is cooking, you are welcome to ask her anything about preparation, ingredients and traditions.

Allow yourself to be spoiled by a true expert in Thai cuisine. At your request, Mina and the SAMSAM team can create an unforgettable culinary experience.