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Discover the magic: samsam yao noi's enchanting new pool bar experience

Immerse yourself in a world of refreshing delights and breathtaking views at our magical poolside oasis.

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When we started planning Samsam Yao Noi Resort’s first Pool Bar, we sought to create an extraordinary haven where we could fully realise our motto: “Magic Places – Magic Spaces.”

Nestled within the embrace of a lush tropical paradise, the Pool bar awaits discovery like a hidden gem, with breathtaking views of majestic mountains and the nearby dojo archery range weaving a spell of magic in the air. Amidst the serene beauty of nature, visitors can find solace and escape the mundane.

The mystical charm of the Pool Bar emanates not only from its surroundings but also from the lovingly crafted beverages that grace its menu. We dedicated ourselves to creating a truly rejuvenating space and selection of refreshments, carefully curating a selection of drinks designed to delight and invigorate. Sourcing fresh ingredients from local suppliers and the resort’s own flourishing garden, our staff concoct enchanting elixirs to suit every taste.

As guests sip their drinks, they find themselves immersed in the island’s natural splendor, often catching sight of the majestic hornbills that call this verdant paradise home. The mesmerizing sight of these exquisite birds leaves them in awe and creates an indelible memory of their time at the Pool Bar.

The poolside oasis at Samsam Yao Noi has become an unparalleled haven of relaxation, refreshment, and stunning scenery. Whether relaxing after swim, recharging after an adventure-filled day, or simply desiring a magical space in which to savor the view, guests find themselves beckoned by the allure of the Pool Bar.

We eagerly await the arrival of returning guests and new visitors, ready to share the magic of their wondrous poolside sanctuary. So come and raise a glass with us, drink in the captivating views, and allow the enchantment of Samsam Yao Noi’s Pool Bar to weave its spell. Here’s to unforgettable memories in a realm of wonder and delight!