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Andaman Magic & Art Villas
ARTWORK from Villa Treetop
Treetop TS Yin Yang Kita
Tisna Sanjaya
Actively exhibiting, Tisna Sanjaya’s artworks have been shown from Asia to Europe and the Americas. Originally trained in graphic design, his oeuvre ranges from painting, prints and lithography to other disciplines, like performance art and theater productions.
Tisna Sanjaya
(Indonesian, B. 1958)
Yin Yang Kita
165 x 145 cm
Treetop AR Fake Bags
Astari Rasjid
An inspiring woman as well as a prominent artist, Sri Astari Rasjid, creates empowering imagery for both women and men that continually challenges stereotypes and cultural constructions. Being from a diplomatic background, she also served as Indonesian Ambassador to several European nations. In the works of Sri Astari Rasjid, we can find an unconventional reading of Javanese traditions, and an assessment of how its symbolism and values can still be relevant to the fast-paced modernization of the complex island archipelago nation of Indonesia.
Astari Rasjid
(Indonesian, B. 1953)
Fake Bags
91 x 61 x 25 cm