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ARTWORK from villa Cortez
Corinne Chauvet
Corinne Chauvet is a French artist whose works explore emotion, human gentleness, and joy. Most of her art is inspired by Buddhist or Shinto monks and detailed observations of the human face. These characters represent the positive side of ourselves that each of us could care to cultivate. Working mainly in bronze and clay gives the figures a feeling of life and energy, which the artist captures like a 3D-photograph. The viewer is easily charmed by the untamed, open and infectious laughter. The coexistence of Buddhism and Islam on the island of Yao Noi can be challenging, but is also intrinsic to its unique culture and charm. Remembering to smile, laugh and take joy in the moment is essential for tackling daily challenges as well as a good practice for life.
Corinne Chauvet
(French, B. 1973)
Kiushu & shikoku (Fujkata)
33 x 51 x 30 cm
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Yusof Ghani
Yusof Ghani is a Malaysian painter, sculptor, writer, scholar and curator. His career spans over three decades and a diverse body of work dealing with Southeast Asian motifs in an Abstract Expressionist approach. His work is often a blend of different mediums – painting and drawing, sculpture and collage – to form the finished striking products. The piece displayed in Villa Cortez at SAMSAM is a singular powerful painting from just one of his many series of artworks.
Yusof Ghani
(Malaysian, B. 1950)
183 x 152 cm

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