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Andaman Magic & Art Villas
Meeting RR Kejarlah Keinginanmu
Redy Rahadian
Redy Rahadian is an Indonesian sculptor famous for his signature welding technique. It allows him the freedom to bring the shapes, sizes, compositions, and proportions that he visualizes to life. Rahadian is passionate about introducing new ways to explore solid materials, capturing and honoring the unique qualities of each metal. He exposes the world to creations that are sometimes peculiar but wondrous. Rahadian’s sculpture at SAMSAM is indicative of his work in showing his fascination with materiality in art. These pieces are just a few examples of the artwork displayed all around SAMSAM to foster extraordinary visual and tactile experiences for our visiting guests.
Redy Rahadian
(Indonesian, B. 1973)
Kejarlah Keinginanmu
150 x 26 x 123 cm