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Basque Magic & Beach Apartments
The SAMSAM family finds art incredibly inspiring and stimulating, providing an emotional outlet for both the artist and the observer. Passionate art collectors, the founders of SAMSAM display exceptional pieces of their contemporary art collection throughout our magic place – to share with you, our dear guests. These pieces encourage the viewers to ask questions, engage in dialogue with others in their travel party or themselves, stimulate discussions about the cultures and environments that surround SAMSAM. The SAMSAM family believes that art is meant to inspire and stimulate the human mind, and provide an emotional outlet for both the artist and the observer.
SAMSAM San Sebastian currently shows more than 40 pieces of art.
Our special pieces
SB MJ00619
John Bellany C.B.E., R.A.
Scottish painter John Bellany pioneered a style of painting that melded the influences of Impressionism with Naive painting. His work explores Scottish symbolism and histories, including many references to the sea. According to senior curator of the Scottish National Gallery Keith Hartley, “What he was doing in the mid-1960s in many ways changed the course of Scottish painting.” Inspired by Scottish primitive painters, Bellany is considered one of the most important 20th-century painters to come out of the British Isles. His work is included in major collections like The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Britain in London.
John Bellany C.B.E., R.A.
(Scottish, B. 1942)
38 x 27 cm
SB MJ00560
Josh Smith
American artist Josh Smith is known for his diverse artistic practice and the wide range of different styles in which he works. Originally trained as a printmaker, but primarily known for his paintings, Smith also makes sculptures, ceramics, books, prints and posters, and is a consummate draftsman. His art is deeply subjective, expressionistic, gestural and colorful, and often countercultural in its questioning of conventional norms. Smith has said that he ‘thinks in paint’. As such, his art can be seen as a way of testing ideas and a form of interrogation – about the creative process itself, what it means to be an artist, or the vagaries of everyday life.
Josh Smith
(American, B. 1976)
121.7 x 91.5 cm
SB MJ00284 web
Jonathan Meese
Exploring such themes as revolution, the failures of ideology, and the role and power of art, Jonathan Meese’s wryly bombastic installations, paintings, sculptures, and performances emerge from the notion of the “Dictatorship of Art,” as he calls it. Having appointed himself its representative, Meese inserts his own image into most of his works, personifying characters from popular culture as well as those of his own devising, according himself cult status. Vibrant, lively and always distinctive, Meese’s art includes a profusion of self-portraits, as well as magazine photo collages, large-scale installations, and bronze sculptures of monstrous human figures in the throes of hellish agony.
Jonathan Meese
(German, B. 1970)
99,7 x 79,4 cm
SB MJ00173 web
Nea Andrea Damp
Andrea Damp often paints children at play, excitedly frolicking in summer adventure. Fascinated by their sometimes tropical-seeming surroundings, they seek to discover new plants and courageously pioneer a trail through the lush, enthralling vegetation. Her paintings capture the wonderful adventure of nature through a light-drenched atmosphere full of paradisiacal shapes and colors. With a wonderful lightness, Andrea Damp expands on the imagery that reminds us of memories of our ideal childhood paradise, awakening a longing for happiness, carefree joy, and an anticipated moment of surprise.
Nea Andrea Damp
(Norwegian, B. 1977)
150 x 119 cm
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